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Grant Trombley

Grant TromblyGrant Trombly was severely injured in a truck accident on May 26, 2016. As a result, he has burns on over 33% of his body encompassing his lower torso, backside, legs, and feet. He also sustained breaks,fractures, and severe lacerations and contusions.

Anyone who knows Grant knows he is avid hockey player, fan and advocate of the sport. His love for hockey started at the age of five living in Albuquerque, NM and grew with him as he developed from youth organizations in grade school on through to city and regional leagues in high school. He went on to play for the Colorado Community College in Colorado Springs then on to the Northern Colorado area Hockey Associations such as FCAHA at EPIC and NoCo. He has played with area teams, leagues and associations including the Barely Mashers and the FFHL Friday night skate. He participates in multiple tournaments, playoffs, benefits, i.e., the 40 and Over Tournament, F.O.A.M. Tournament (for Meningitis) and the Pond Hockey Tournament.  His contributions to the hockey world range from coach, player and participant, teams and groups support, sponsor and contributor. And while some may say he bleeds hockey, he is a true advocate of the sport.

One of the first things Grant requested after he was more stabilized and began to be more cognizant of his situation was for everyone to bring him anything related to hockey – videos, movies, recorded games etc., – that would occupy his time while immobilized and help to keep his mind off all the seriousness of his condition.

Grant is still in serious condition and has multiple procedures and surgeries each and every week and while his road to recovery has only just begun and there is no true estimate on what his prognosis will be or how long his recovery will take, he exhibits a great deal of his positive outlook and determination to survive and over come from his lifetime involvement in hockey. Pass to your team when you don’t have a shot, use your defensive strategies, strive for more than you have to work with, shoot at any goal you can, victory increases with every goal and  – most important – never, ever give up.

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