lincoln-sherman-3Some very sad news to report. Lincoln Sherman passed away last Friday in his sleep. Lincoln is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Lincoln’s wife, Renee has set up a 529 plan college fund for their daughters.

You may contribute by going to this website:
Then enter the code

The account is in Renee’s name.
Colorado tax payers do receive a deduction.

lincoln-sherman-2There will be a memorial this Sunday, September 20, 2015, at 1:00 at Mishawaka.

For those of you who didn’t know Lincoln well, here’s what Dave Beichley had to say:

Most of you may not know Lincoln he was a cohort of mine for 20 years at work and a good buddy. Lincoln was also one of the originals that played in the FCAHA league. He led the league in scoring for several years. He was a fantastic hockey player maybe because he was from Minnesota “don’t you know”. He helped teach many of us how to skate on the pond. He was also the first ice rescue we did. Skating in late February or early March Lincoln went through the ice about 60ft out. At the time he was practicing good pond hockey technique because he had his stick horizontal which kept him from going all the way in. We all skated over to him and held out a stick and several of use pulled him out of icy water. While he was kneeling next to the hole looking at us (8-10 guys) he noticed the entire sheet of ice beneath us was sagging in. He yelled spread out in which all of us moved very quickly. Shortly after that Bob’s little dog came over by the hole sniffing around and fell in. In a matter of seconds the dog could hardly move. Lincoln used his stick to catapult the dog out of the hole. I believe skating was done for the day.

Lincoln was a one of a kind guy. He lived life and lived life big. He had an infectious personality and seemed to know almost everyone in town. The stories with Lincoln can go on forever “Lincoln Said”. He was a great Father and Husband and loved his three girls deeply. He will be missed dearly. For me it was a pleasure and a blessing to have known him. The memories will live forever.