Tournament structure

Two pond hockey skaters

  • Friday games start at 9:00 AM
  • Weather permitting, each team will play five games including 2 games Friday, 2 games on Saturday, and 1 or more games on Sunday in single elimination playoffs
  • Four or Five person teams. If your team has 5 players, substitutions will be allowed on the fly during games
  • 4 vs. 4 hockey, no goaltenders; goals are 6 feet wide by 10 inches high. Like last year, a 4′ board will be placed across the front leaving just the outer 12″ on each end of the goals open.
  • All games are 30 minutes in length with two 15 minute halves and a 5 minute intermission.
  • Games will take place simultaneously on four rinks measuring approximately 150′ X 75′ (about 75% of regulation size)
  • 24-team, open tournament.
  • The top 8 teams will be seeded according to play on Friday and Saturday and will play for the coveted Beaver Cup on Sunday
  • The middle 8 teams will play for the Molenar Cup
  • The lower 8 teams will play for the Pond Scum Championship.
  • Single elimination playoff games on Sunday for all three divisions
  • The Championship Game on Sunday will conclude around 2:00 PM