Brief History

FCPHL (Fort Collins Pond Hockey League) started in 1992 on a local pond in Fort Collins, CO.  Most of the initial players had never played hockey before let alone been on ice skates.  From its meager beginnings the pond has hosted numerous people throughout the city, region and state from every walk of life, age and size, from future stars to weekend duffers.  Even though the pond is part of the city’s natural areas the maintenance and organization is strictly done by volunteers with no assistance from the city.  There is only one rule on the pond and that is if you skate on the pond than help shovel the pond.  As of the 2014 – 2015 season there were hundreds of players and kids that had used the pond for enjoyment.  For the last 9 years FCPHL has been putting on a pond hockey tournament at a local resort in the foothills west of Fort Collins.

Our Mission

Fort Collins Pond Hockey League is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 that provides pond hockey in its truest form, free of charge, outside where the only constraint is how long a person is willing to skate for, especially for kids.  It’s our goal to build community by having different people of different backgrounds coming together to enjoy outside recreation and to have a sense of ownership in the maintenance of the pond for the greater good.  It is also our mission to use the community support to generate funds for helping under privileged kids have a chance at learning to play the great game of hockey, and to help individual hockey players and families in need during troubled times.  We will also use the support to help local community welfare by means of a pond hockey tournament, a golf tournament and other avenues that could help in the fund raising efforts.